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Skip A Pay Can Allow You to Skip Your Monthly Loan Payment

Are you looking for a financial boost, maybe a way to defer existing loan payments? Carolinas Telco Federal Credit Union (CTFCU) now offers Skip A Pay, on qualified loans, for only $40 per request skipped. This service is available year-round, not just for the holidays!

  • Most vehicle, secured, and unsecured personal loans qualify and must be open for a minimum of six months.
  • Some loans, such as a mortgage, home equity, credit card, and share secured loans do not qualify.
  • Application required for each loan skipped.
  • Payment may be deferred once every 12 months, with a maximum of two skips during the life of the loan.
  • All loans with CTFCU must be current to qualify.
  • Once a skip is processed, it cannot be canceled and the fee is non-refundable.

The Skip A Pay Fee

$40 per request


It's simple to do and you’ll have extra cash available for holiday expenses, gifts, or to simply catch up on finances. This service is available year-round, so contact us to skip a qualifying loan at any time. Just remember, we cannot skip each loan but once every 12 months, and no more than twice during the life of the loan. If you have a question regarding your loan and qualification, contact us at 1-800-622-5305.

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