Fee Schedule

Par Value of One Share $5.00
Account Closure $25.00 if closed within 90 days of opening
Prime Share Savings- Failure to maintain minimum balance $5.00/Month if minimum daily balance is not met
Paper Statement Fee Premier Relationship Level- Fee is waived. Elite Relationship Level-$1.00/Month. Select and Member Relationship Level- $2.00/Month. Note: Fee is waived for members ages 65 or older and for members 18 or under.
Paper Check (box) Fees Prices may vary depending upon relationship level, style, shipping options, and account type and are subject to change. Actual costs for check printing and delivery will be disclosed at the time of order placement. Secure, trackable delivery costs extra. Members age 65 and over qualify for one free standard box of checks per calendar year but may incur charges for customization or expedited secure, trackable delivery.
NSF Fee $35.00/Item (each item submission and resubmission)
ACH NSF Fee $35.00/Item (each submission and resubmission)
Debit Card Overdraft $35.00/Item
Returned Item Fee $35.00/Item (each item submission and resubmission)
High Yield Savings Overdraft Transfer Six(6) free/month, and then $1.00/Overdraft Transfer
Courtesy Pay Fee $35.00/Item
ACH Courtesy Pay $35.00/Item
Overdraft Transfer Six (6) free/month, and then $1.00/overdraft transfer
Stop Payment Fee $30.00/Item
Skip A Payment Fee $40.00/Request
Account Reconciliation Fee $20.00/Hour
Copy of IRS Form $2.00/Copy
Check Copies $2.00/Copy for request of check print-out only. No fee for check images displayed in online or mobile banking.
Copy of Official Check $5.00/Item
Official Check Premier Relationship Level- Fee is waived. Elite Relationship Level- $1.00/Check. Select Relationship Level- $2.00/Check. Member Relationship Level- $3.00/Check.
Statement Copies $2.00/Copy for request of statement print-out only. No fee for statements displayed in online or mobile banking.
Counter Checks $1.00/Check
Incorrect Address Fee $10/Month after one (1) month if not corrected through online banking or in writing
Dormant Account Fee $15.00/Month if no activity after twelve (12) months and balance is less than $1,000 (members age 18 and older)
Escheat Fee $75.00/Account
Legal Process (tax levies, summons, etc.) $75.00/Occurrence
Item Sent for Collection Fee $10.00/Item
Mortgage Verification of Deposit $10.00/Request
Lien Recording Fee $15/Lien
Gift Card Fee $3.00/Item
Wire Transfer Fee - Incoming $10.00/Transfer
Wire Transfer Fee - Outgoing $20.00/Transfer
Card Replacement Fee $5.00/Each
Card Rush Fee $40.00/each
Credit Card Rush Fee $40.00/each
Currency Conversion Fee 1.00% of Transaction Amount

Carolinas Telco Federal Credit Union "daily cut-off time"
All deposits or transactions received after the close of a business day, received the retrieval of night deposits, or received on a day which we are closed for business, will be treated as if received on the next business. Please review our business hours for specific locations.

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