Wedding Budget Going Overboard?

Text Wedding Budget Going Overboard with groom and bride on stack of money

Fall wedding season is around the corner. Those planning and paying for the festivities can sometimes find themselves over budget before the plans have been finalized. Below are some ways to help cut those costs.

Take a Break with the Cake

A slice of tiered cake averages $2.50, which may have you thinking of alternatives. There are plenty of other delicious and beautiful
options out there.

  • Try mini cakes to avoid the stress of guessing. A piece is guaranteed for each guest and a small cake can be used for the
    cutting ceremony.
  • Set up a cupcake tower with the traditional anniversary cake as the top tier.
  • Serve a sheet cake instead. Your guests will be happy to savor a slice–even without all that fondant and frosting.

Say Yes to Saving on a Dress

Save big on your gown by looking for a pre-owned gown on eBay, or You can often find a beautiful gown for under $100!

Vary the Venue

Save a ton by choosing a venue that has no outside contracts. This way, you can shop around for the cheapest caterer, photographer, and DJ. If you dare to be different, rent a vacation home and let it serve as your wedding venue, lodging for out-of-town guests, and a honeymoon destination for after the wedding.

Time it Right

If you haven’t picked a date or have some flexibility, consider off-season and mid-week to save a bundle! Think beyond Saturdays. Peak months are May, June, September, and October. Look into November, January, March, and April for some off-season savings.

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