Our Audio Response Unit is Available 24/7

Woman calling on phone and writing in notebookWe still offer access to your accounts by telephone, so if you are somewhere without Internet access, or you just prefer a low-tech approach, we're always here for you. You can check your balances, transfer funds, and make your loan payments - right from your phone.

From Charlotte, NC: 1-704-394-2010
Toll-Free Anywhere in the US: 1-800-448-3526 or 1-800-44-TELCO

With Telco Teller, convenience is just a phone call away. Telco Teller is an automated service that lets you handle your finances via touchtone phone. That means a lot of tasks that once required a special trip to the credit union can now be taken care of with a quick call. You can transfer funds, check the balances of any of your accounts, make loan payments, have a check mailed to you, and perform an array of other transactions or inquiries.


  • From a touch-tone phone, call the numbers above
  • Enter your account number, followed by the # sign
  • Enter your four-digit personal ID number, followed by the # sign
  • When making a transaction, no decimals are required (i.e. $117.44 = 11744).
  • When making a savings account balance inquiry, remember, Telco Teller will give the available balance minus the $5.00 minimum to maintain your account, and minus any secured shares.
  • Only inquiries are allowed on IRA accounts and Christmas Club accounts.

Here are some common Share ID's:

  • 01 - Prime Share (Savings)
  • 15 - Share Draft (Checking)
  • 17 - Secondary Draft (Checking)
  • 18 - Secondary Draft (Checking)
  • 20 - Christmas Club
  • 41 - IRA
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