Sweet and Savvy: A Valentine’s Day Budgeting Guide

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While Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate and show appreciation of your loved ones, it can easily become one of the most expensive holidays. Showing you care shouldn’t empty your pockets. View our list of ways to keep your Valentine’s Day activities sweet, but practical.

1. Table for 2?

Dining at an upscale restaurant can be impressive, but can also be a stressor on your finances. Restaurants are typically overcrowded, and menu prices can also be higher on Valentine’s.

Set aside time to cook a special meal together at home. Not only is this inexpensive, its a great way to spend quality time together. Dining in your own home is much more comfortable than a crowded restaurant anytime. If cooking isn’t your strong suit, sign up for a meal-kit delivery service. Having properly portioned ingredients on standby can help you fight the urge to dine out after Valentine’s Day is over, saving you even more money in the long run.


2. Spend Time at Home

Avoid the crowds and high prices, by planning a fun evening at home. This could mean hosting a game-night with other friends or streaming your favorite show. However you chose to spend Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of options to spend time with those you care about, without breaking the bank.


3. Get Creative

Thoughtful gifts don’t have to be expensive. Use an online photo service to create a collage or album of your favorite memories. Surprise your special someone by cooking breakfast with all of their favorite foods. Even the traditional gifts of flowers from a local grocery store and a box of chocolates can go a long way. Gifts from the heart can be just as meaningful, while still saving you money.


4. Going Out on a Budget

If you decide that you would rather go out, check your local listings for a free event! Most cities have a number of activities on Valentine’s Day that are open to the public. Check social media, newspapers, online ticket sellers, or just ask around.

Would you rather go to the movies? Instead of paying full price for movie tickets, attend during the daytime to receive a lower ticket price. Theaters are also less crowded midday, making for a more enjoyable experience all around.


You don’t have to break your budget this Valentine’s Day. Use these tips, or create your own, to enjoy a wonderful day with those you love.

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