Take Control of Overdraft Fees Once and For All

If you have a Visa® Check Card (or an ATM Card on a checking account), you have the option to make an informed decision on whether overdraft services are right for you on your one-time debit card transactions.

Members may already have overdraft protection plans from their savings or Telcheck loan that may be less expensive than Telco Overdraft Advantage (TOA). With TOA, overdraft occurrences do not stop, members are merely providing an opt-in/opt-out decision on Telco Overdraft Advantage.

Carolinas Telco Federal Credit Union (CTFCU) offers Telco Overdraft Advantage as a member service and is under no obligation to pay items when your account has non-sufficient funds (NSF), even if previous NSF transactions were paid. Telco Overdraft Advantage means that we strive to pay your overdrafts when possible at those times when your account balance is not sufficient to cover the items that you have presented. We do so in anticipation that you will be making a deposit immediately to bring your account to a positive balance.

Members with transfers from their savings and Telcheck will continue to have this option no matter the opt-in decision they make on overdraft coverage. Visa® Check Card point of sale and signature-based transactions will only be eligible for TOA if you choose to opt-in (subject to CTFCU’s overdraft service policy). CTFCU’s current NSF fee of $30.00/Item will be charged to your account for each NSF transaction whether paid or returned.

If you would like to sign up, call us at 1-800-622-5305 to find out if you’re eligible and opt-in.

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