Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Why are we making a change to how our surveys?

A. To provide better service here than anywhere else, we need to know what our members love and don’t love about us. With the Member Vantage Program (MVP) implementation, we will have the tools to identify and track weaknesses and opportunities and develop action plans to improve.

Q. Who will the survey come from?

A. All survey invitations are sent on behalf of CTFCU by Medallia.

Q. How will I become eligible to receive a survey?

A. Surveys are sent randomly, with members-only eligible every 90 days, and are triggered by various interactions with CTFCU.

Q. How will my feedback be used?

A. Your feedback will allow us to follow up more efficiently and provide the best support possible.

Q. How often could I receive a survey?

A. Members are eligible to receive a survey every 90 days.

Q. Is my response anonymous?

A. We record basic contact information for all surveys submitted. This allows us the opportunity to reach out if additional clarification or service is required.

Q. What can I do if I do not want to receive a survey invitation?

A. If you receive an invitation, click the Unsubscribe link to opt-out of surveys of this nature in the future.

Q. Is my information secure?

A. We want to assure you that CTFCU protects your private information. You will not be asked to provide personal or account information in our surveys.

Q. I want to give feedback, but I lost the survey email. What can I do?

A. You will receive a reminder email seven days after the initial invitation with a new link.

Q. Can I forward the survey invitation to another email address?

A. Yes.

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