Introducing EVA!

Hi! I'm Eva, your Expert Virtual Assistant. Have a question, or need assistance while browsing our website? I'm here to help!

Meet EVA, our new Expert Virtual Assistant. EVA is powered by artificial intelligence and is available to assist you any time of the day. She can answer product questions, help you navigate online banking, locate your closest ATM, and much more!

We are constantly striving to give our members the best service possible. EVA’s knowledge grows with every conversation, so you help her learn with every interaction.



Why is the credit union using EVA?

As technology evolves, CTFCU strives to provide our members with new electronic services to improve their experience. EVA is key to connecting members with the information they need, no matter the time of day.

How accurate is EVA?

EVA can detect and accurately respond to several question types and is constantly learning to adapt.

What languages does EVA speak?

EVA can understand and respond to English at this time.

If EVA can’t answer my question, can she connect me to someone who can?

If EVA cannot find a solution, she can connect you with our Member Support Team during business hours.

Will EVA be able to answer and respond to more inquiries in the future?

EVA is constantly learning and improving to offer more to our members.

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