Holiday Hosting on a Budget

Friends Lighting Sparklers around the Christmas Tree


Hosting for the holidays can be a hectic experience but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these tips to jingle all the way to some festive moments and leave the financial hassle behind.


  1. Figure out your budget: How much can you comfortably spend? Tailor your guest list and plans according to your budget and space first. Managing expectations is everything.
  2. Don’t do it all yourself! Ask guests to bring sides and desserts—or make the entire event potluck-style!
  3. Focus on the people, not the party. Remember that this season is about spending time with your loved ones. Cut back on the preparation and decorating stress with a scaled back event. Make memories and be present with those you hold dear!
  4. Limit the gifts. Instead of gifts for every guest or party favors, have a White Elephant style gift exchange. Have every person bring a small, inexpensive gift, as people arrive designate an area where the gifts can all be set down together. Then each guest picks up a slip of paper with a number on it. After dinner, call everyone together and the person with the first number draws a gift from the pile and so on.
  5. Don’t over do the decorations! Create the festive atmosphere by being strategic with where you place décor (think high traffic areas such as the front door, buffet table, mantel, etc.). Also be sure to check your local discount or dollar store for décor and DIY materials to snag some extra savings!
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