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The sticker shock at the pump is higher than ever, but don’t despair! Instead, use these gasoline pricing apps to help you find the cheapest nearby options, so you can shop smart and save where you can.


This highly-rated app is a favorite among 70 million users for a good reason. GasBuddy allows you to search for gas stations near any ZIP code or city and then finds you the station with the cheapest gasoline. In addition, you can filter the options the app brings up by brand, price, or location. You can also search for gas stations with additional features, like restrooms, eateries, and car washes.


Best features
GasBuddy takes its mission of saving you money very seriously. Sign up for the app’s loyalty program, and you can save $0.15/gallon for your first pump and $0.05/gallon on every next refuel. Enjoy additional perks by reporting price changes to help the app keep its information current. You can also sign up for daily alerts about price drops — and hikes — in your area.

The cost-free app also allows you to search according to specific criteria, including the type of gas you need, such as diesel or premium unleaded. This feature can save you a frustrating trip to a gas station that can’t help you fill ‘er up.



GasGuru offers users a more streamlined interface than similar apps. Data is pulled directly from the Oil Price Information Service, which means that you don’t have to bother updating gas prices after pulling into a station. The free app offers a super-comprehensive list of gas stations near your current location and places you often visit. So you can determine whether it’s cheaper to fill up near your home or your workplace. Filter your search by fuel type and lookup eateries, repair shops, and more on the app.


Best Features
Say you’re out of town on a business trip, and you need to refuel. You find the best-priced gas station in the area that meets your needs, but you have no idea how to get there! GasGuru makes it simple with an automatic navigation option. Just hit the “Get Directions” icon near a listed gas station, and the app instantly launches Google Maps to show the way. Also, GasGuru uses just 3MB while still offering a fantastic interface. Contrast this with other gas apps’ 20-30MB, and you’ve got one small but super-powerful app.



Yes, the app that has helped you get from point A to point B without getting lost more times than you can count is also an excellent resource for finding the cheapest gas. Just hit the Settings icon on the app, and then tap the Gas Stations option. You can now select a gas station brand or a type of gas you’d like to search for and then sort your search by price, distance, or brand. Of course, once you’ve found the station you want to use, Waze will show you how to get there as quickly as possible. Prices are updated constantly and are consistently accurate. Some stations even offer a “Waze-only” deal on their prices for users of the popular navigation app.


Best Features
Waze makes it super-easy to find the gas station with the best price at the best location. As soon as you hit the search button, it’ll show you a list of nearby gas stations with the exact number of minutes each choice is off your route. Pricing is also easy to see at a glance; Waze color-codes its list of stations so you can easily compare prices.


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