For Times When the Unexpected Happens

Sometimes life happens... an emergency, home or auto repairs, medical bills, funeral expenses, etc. You may have acceptable credit, but too much debt and not enough assets to support approval of another loan type. To support the credit union motto of "people helping people", we created the Lend A Hand loan program.

This product features maximum loan terms of 12 months and loan amounts ranging from $500 - $1500. There can only be one Lend A Hand loan per member at a time. For this program, the rate will be 18.00% APR for all loans. While the qualification requirements may vary from other loan types, approval of this loan is required and is not available to all members.

Lend A Hand loans may also be used to help borrowers establish positive credit or repair borrowing history, in some cases.

Other Loans

Loan Term APR as low as*
Line of Credit Terms may vary 13.85%
Santa Helper Terms may vary 13.85%
Personal Loan Terms may vary 11.99%
Lend A Hand Loan Terms may vary 18.00%

How to Apply:

  • Apply online
  • Stop by your local branch office
  • Call us toll-free at 1-800-622-5305
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