Direct Deposit

It’s Safe, it’s Simple, and it’s Fast – on Payday

Check with your employer to see if direct deposit is available. If so, you may be able to have them set it up to deposit a portion (or all) of your paycheck to checking and/or to savings.

When you use direct deposit, you allow a company or organization to electronically transfer money into your credit union account. You still get a pay stub with all the information you’re used to having, whether it be online or in-hand.

Direct deposit is also great for social security checks, retirement checks, pension check, and most other recurring checks. It can help you carry out a savings plan because your paycheck starts working by earning dividends right away.

Direct Deposit Account Information

Here is the information you must give your employer:

ABA Routing Number
Carolinas Telco Federal Credit Union routing number – 253074977

Account Number
The Federal Reserve requires a 10-digit account number, so simply add three zeros prior to your member number. The final digit will indicate that the account is Savings or Checking.

Your member number is 123456

For direct deposit or automatic withdrawal of your prime savings:
S001 Prime Share Savings would be – 0001234560

For Checking, review your statement or NetBranch to see what type you have:
015 Share Draft Checking would be 0001234569
017 Share Draft Checking00012345617
018 Share Draft Checking00012345618 

Your employer will most often be your main contact to set up direct deposit, through your human resources department. If we currently receive your payroll and you would like to divert a set amount of each paycheck to your savings account, call us at 1-800-622-5305 or visit your local branch.

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