CTFCU’s top priority is meeting the financial needs of our members. We have developed a Stimulus Plan to help our members who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. Below is a list of ways CTFCU is assisting our members during this unprecedented time:


Consumer fixed rate loan discount up to 0.25% APR

      • New, Used, and Extended Age Autos
      • Motorcycle, Boat, & ATV Loans
      • Lend A Hand Loans
      • Excluded: Real Estate Loans, existing loans, and internal loan refinancing


    • Origination Fee as low as 0%


    • No appraisal fees
    • $100 credit for new HELOC’s


Certificates of Deposit

    • One-time, penalty free withdrawal (up to $10,000)

Christmas Club

    • Early withdrawal penalty waived


    • Up to 5 NSF or Courtesy Pay fees refunded
    • Waiver of 2 bad address fees
    • Waiver of 2 Incoming Wire Fees

All offers end September 30, 2020.


Loan Products: Members will be allowed to apply for up to 4 Skip A Pays with no fee per loan type (except Mortgage loans, which are allowed only 2 Skip A Pays). Finance charges will still continue to accrue and skipping a payment(s) may result in lengthening the original loan term. Any Skip A Pay fee waivers granted in 2020, will be counted towards the 4 Skip A Pays granted under this promotion. Loans currently in collections or in severe delinquency will be reviewed on an as-needed basis. Rate discount of 0.25% APR applies to the following NEW LOANS: auto loans, motorcycle, boat, motor home, jet ski, travel trailer loans, or Lend A Hand loans. All rate discounts are subject to the applicable floor rate for each product and will not be priced below that rate. Internal refinances of existing CTFCU Loans, all existing CTFCU Loans, Mortgages, HELOCs, credit cards, lines of credit, share secured, certificate secured, stock secured, and any other loan not expressly stated in this offer are excluded from receiving a rate discount. CTFCU will reduce and (in some cases completely waive) the origination fees on new first mortgage loans, opened during the promotional period. CTFCU will reduce the origination fees to as low as 0%, based on the borrower’s credit score. Lower credit tiers may not qualify for 0% origination. Appraisal fee waiver for HELOCs are limited to electronic appraisals only and does not apply to full appraisals. $100 credit will be issued for HELOCs in the month following the opening of the new loan.

Deposit Products: One-time penalty free withdrawals from an existing CD or IRA-CD is limited to the first $10,000 of principal balance. Please consult your tax advisor to discuss any tax implications before withdrawing funds from your IRA account. All early withdrawal penalties will be waived on Christmas Club accounts and the account will be allowed to remain open. Any related services fee waivers granted in 2020, will be counted towards any fee waivers offered under this promotion. Discounts and waivers included in this promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions. All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. The Annual Percentage Rate you receive may vary, based on certain individual creditworthiness criteria. Currently, our rates range from the rates shown, up to 18.00%. For information regarding the rate you may qualify for, contact the credit union at 1-800-622-5305. All services including loans, credit cards, and checking accounts are subject to approval.

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