Credit Debit Cards

A Guide to Understanding Buy Now, Pay Later

What is Buy Now, Pay Later?  Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services like Afterpay, Klarna®, and Affirm are growing in popularity, especially among Millennial and Gen Z shoppers. These services allow you to buy items over a set period instead of paying the total upfront. Originally popular in the clothing and beauty industry, the service […]

Why Choose A Credit Union?

  Are you thinking of switching your checking account to a credit union? Want to know what the difference between credit union and bank is? What are the advantages of credit unions? As a credit union member, you can expect to have a much more rewarding and meaningful experience. Because credit unions are member-owned and […]

Do I Need A Credit Card?

  Credit cards often get a bad rep, but they are necessary for your financial health. Used responsibly, they can help build your credit and increase your access to financial products. Why do I need a credit card? It’s understandable to want to avoid the risk of overspending. However, when used responsibly, Credit Cards are […]

7 Signs You Are Living Beyond Your Means

7 Signs You’re Living Beyond Your Means You’re carrying a credit card balance from month-to-month If you have a large credit card balance and just pay the minimum each month, you could end up carrying this balance for years while paying a lot in interest. You might also be tempted to make more purchases on […]
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