Budget-Friendly Halloween DIYs

Budget-Friendly Costumes

Your Halloween costume shouldn’t break the bank; try these DIY costume ideas and save your money for candy!


Guy in Superman Costume

Becoming your favorite superhero has never been easier! All you need is a Superman shirt and your best Clark Kent business suit.

What you need: Superman shirt, business suit.


Girl in Cactus Costume
2. Cactus

Look sharp this Halloween in a cactus costume! Cut short strips of white yarn to be your spines, and attach them to your top with hot glue. Add touches of pink yarn as your flowers and enjoy your DIY costume that is sure to prickle your fancy.

What you need: Green dress/shirt, white and pink yarn, scissors, hot glue.


Girl in DIY Alien Costume
3. Alien

Want a costume that’s out of this world? This alien costume will keep you cozy all night long in a matching sweatsuit. Attach google eyes to a headband using pipe cleaners to complete this alien outfit.

What you need: Matching sweatshirt & sweatpants, headband, google eyes, pipe cleaners, hot glue.


Girl in Ice Cream Sundae Costume
4. Ice Cream

This Ice Cream Sundae costume is sure to be the sweetest costume this season! Cut “sprinkles” out of colored paper and attach them to your dress with hot glue. Finish this costume by attaching your white loofa to your headband as your ‘whipped cream.’

What you need: Pink dress, colored paper, white loofa, headband scissors, hot glue.


Toddler in Orange Crayon Costume

This Crayon costume is sure to bring a little color to your Halloween celebration. Cut out your crayon design and logo from black felt and attach it to your shirt with hot glue. Using colored paper that matches your shirt, create your crayon hat by rolling it into a cone shape and using hot glue to secure it.

What you need: T-shirt, black felt, colored paper, scissors, hot glue.


Young Girl in Mechanic Barbie Costume
5. Barbie

Be who you want to be with this Barbie costume! All you need is a matching pink outfit to be “Kenough” this Halloween season.

What you need: Pink clothes.


Spooky Snacks

Try out these spooky snack ideas that are sure to be a hit at any Halloween party!


Ghost Pizza Bagels
1. Ghost Pizza Bagels
  1. Ghost Pizza Bagels

These ghost pizza bagels are sure to get you and your guest into the Halloween spirit. Cut your mozzarella into ghost shapes and use olives for the eyes, and watch your pizzas go from boo-ring to awesome!

What you need: Bagels, pizza sauce, mozzarella, olives.


Mummy Brie Dish with Crackers
2. Mummy Brie

Get wrapped up in the Halloween spirit with this Mummy Brie! Cut your puff pastry into strips, wrap them around your brie wheel, and brush the top with egg wash. Use olives and tomatoes to create red eyes that are sure to spook your guests.

What you need: Brie wheel, puff pastry, egg, milk, olive, tomato.


Pretzel Brownie Spider
3. Spider Brownies

These itsy-bitsy snacks are certain to be a guest favorite at your next Halloween party. Make brownies in a cupcake tin using your favorite mix. Decorate the brownies with pretzel legs and candy eyes to bring these sweet critters to life!

What you need: Brownie mix, pretzels, candy eyes.


Pumpkin-shaped Cheese Dish with Crackers
4. Pumpkin Cheese Ball

This Pumpkin Cheese Ball will be the pick of the patch at your next Halloween celebration. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and then roll the mixture into a ball. Remove the mixture ball from the bowl and wrap it up using plastic wrap. Use the rubber bands to create a cross-hatch pattern and place it in the fridge for a few hours to set.

What you need: Cream cheese, vegetable cream cheese, ranch seasoning, green onion, red bell pepper, cheddar cheese, plastic wrap, rubber bands.


Skeleton Veggie Platter
5. Skeleton Platter

Bone appetite! Create this Skeleton Platter using what you already have in the fridge. Use vegetables, fruits, meats, and cheeses of your choice to create this spooky platter pattern!

What you need: vegetables & fruits of your choice, meats, cheeses, crackers, candy, etc.

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