June Branch of the Month



Kudos are in order for the Gastonia Team! Continuous good work being a part of their community and going above and beyond their monthly targets for June earned them this distinction.


As soon as you walk into the branch, the feeling of a welcoming community is palpable. Carolinas Telco Federal Credit Union (CTFCU) Gastonia Branch’s strength is how they have care and hold space for their members.  This dedication to our core value of member commitment is prevalent even in conversation with the Gastonia Team.


When asked what it’s been like to work at CTFCU, Head Teller Haley Eubanks said, “I’ve been at CTFCU for three years, I love the people I work with most, and I also love how we [have] regular members and we really get to know them and find out everything [that’s] going on in their lives.”


Branch Manager Justin H. said it best, “[What’s most impactful] Having the ability to meet and get to know new people and finding financial solutions to make a real difference in their lives. We establish a rapport with our members and become more than just their bankers.” 


“Beyond banking” is a great way to describe how the personalized attention you can expect from the team extends far beyond the typical transaction. “I feel that our influence on the Gastonia community allows us to help members not only with their financial needs but we serve as a support system when they need it most,” said Kailey H., Teller.


Crystal Harper, Sr. Member Service Representative, said, “We make a difference in people’s lives. We are more than a financial institution. We are counselors, educators, and confidantes to our members. We help a lot of them get their credit situations back on track, which improves all aspects of their lives. The members are just as important to us, and we are to them!”


This interchange in support and community care is more than evident throughout the team. Member Service Representative Elizabeth Padgett said, “Most of them are longtime members, so they are like family & friends! They keep us laughing, interested, and having fun!”


Support and vested interest are not exclusive to Member commitment and service. Gastonia is a strong pillar of the community because of the bond and community they’ve built internally. Teller Tirmary O. said, “teamwork brings us together. It’s a bond we all have with each other that motivates us and allows us to rely on each other to get things done [and reach our goals]. You can say that our teamwork here in Gastonia is special!”


This team operates as a family, even choosing to spend additional time together with regular Music Bingo nights, and the camaraderie and community they’ve cultivated shine through in every interaction.


Great work, team Gastonia! We can’t wait to see the continued effects of your participation and support in the community you serve!

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