90th Anniversary

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Carolinas Telco Federal Credit Union began as Carolinas Telco Credit Union (CTCU), formed in 1934 in the "Old Dial Building" on North Caldwell Street in Charlotte, NC. Under the stewardship of Mrs. Minnie Bell Stone, CTCU began taking deposits from Bell System employees in the form of change and loose bills. Minnie operated the office on a part-time volunteer basis. She stood in the lunch line herself to encourage employees to start saving.

The same year, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Federal Credit Union Act (FCUA) into law, creating a national system to charter and supervise federal credit unions. CTCU established itself as a state-chartered Credit Union in 1937, and in the same year, provided its first loan to a member, funding a tonsillectomy.

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Minnie Bell Stone

A Visual History of CTFCU Logos: Past to Present (1934 - 2024)

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In 1979, CTCU converted from a state to a federal charter and was renamed Carolinas Telco Federal Credit Union (CTFCU). At the time, CTFCU had only opened two additional branches in North Carolina: Crisman Street in Charlotte and Raleigh. Today, CTFCU proudly serves North and South Carolina members through our eight branch locations across five counties. In 2020, CTFCU converted to our current Multiple Common Bond Charter, allowing members outside the telecommunications industry to join the credit union.

For a full timeline of CTFCU's history, check out this blog.

The Journey: CTCU to CTFCU

The Future of CTFCU

As we look towards the future, we take great pride in reflecting on the journey we've shared with our dedicated members. We are grateful for your continued support and for being an integral part of our credit union community. We have grown together over the past 90 years, weathering challenges and achieving milestones. Through it all, our commitment to your financial well-being remains unwavering.

In honor of this anniversary, we invite you to join us in celebrating throughout the year! Stay tuned for details about the exciting events that will take place at your local CTFCU branch.

We appreciate your membership and look forward to continuing to serve our communities for 90 years and beyond!

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